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Here at DOC Disposal we offer 30 Yard roll off dumpsters that are ideal for many different projects. These projects include, but are not limited to: new construction, remodel construction, yard and garage clean-ups, landscaping, recycling, roofing, manufacturing facilities, demolition, and daily usage to replace your current small dumpster service. 

Our dumpsters can be leased from as little as one day or weekend, or setup for long term services.

We pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated, with over 30 years industry experience. We offer the fastest, most professional roll off services in the industry.

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What is a Roll Off Dumpster

And How Do They Work?

Defining roll off dumpsters is fairly easy since the name itself offers a good description of everything that’s involved.

In short, this type of container is one that’s delivered by a truck and rolled off the vehicle in an area where either a cleanup, remodeling or construction project is taking place.

What They Look Like

These dumpsters have wheels at the bottom, are rectangular in shape and are almost always open-top to make it easy to simply throw items inside. Since that might not be possible with heavier items, most dumpsters of this nature are also equipped with a swinging door to make placement of any such debris much easier. 

While the types of projects mentioned above are the most common uses for renting roll off dumpsters in ​Midland/Permian Basin, they're useful in other areas as well, making it a versatile option when delving into the concept of dumpster rentals from a company such as DOC Disposals. 

Finding the Right Size

Generally, a popular consideration for such rentals tends to be the 30 cubic yard container, since it’s for medium-sized projects that can span from simple cleanups to slightly more complex efforts. 

The value in this particular model is that it won’t end up wasting a great deal of space. That's important, since there’s nothing worse when it comes to dumpster rentals than discovering that the amount of discarded material won’t fit into the container you've rented.

That latter point is also true for individuals who over-estimate the amount of items that need to be tossed out. The reason is because when it comes to roll off dumpsters, there’s no discount for only using a small portion of the container. You end up paying the full price no matter how much is used, which can turn out to be a painful economic lesson.

Weight and Safety Concerns

Trying to overload it to save the cost of another container isn’t an option since weight limits are in place and explained during the rental process. In addition, piling debris above the top of the containers isn't allowed. When it comes to going over the determined limit, the assessment of overage fees is in place as a deterrent to such thinking. 

The reason for that protocol is to make sure that when the truck returns to pick up the container, it can safely deliver it to a landfill or recycling facility. The safety rules help avoid the potential disaster of items or the entire container falling off a truck during transport, which can lead to havoc and potential tragedy on the roadways. 

Banned Items Can Vary

It’s important to remember that there are certain restrictions on what can be thrown into a 30 cubic yard container or any type of dumpster. If these aren’t explained at the time of the rental, it’s best to ask for a list of items since a driver may simply refuse to transport the container. Once again, the prospect of financial penalties for not adhering to such policies is a possibility.

A company like DOC Disposals usually avoids transporting containers that have any chemicals, petroleum or paint products on them, due to the volatility of such items. In addition, discarding such things as electronic products as well as batteries or tires is something will likely require making other arrangements.

An Easy Decision

The value of having access to rolloff dumpsters is that it offers a convenient central location for discarded material or simple trash. This helps avoid an unsightly appearance for a homeowner or the potential for safety hazards when looking at it from the perspective of a construction project. 

Whether you end up using a 30 cubic yard container or other size, the convenience factor often turns out to be an important component when it comes to dumpster rentals. That’s because of the fleeting nature of these types of projects doesn’t require an outright purchase of a container.

DOC Disposals is ready to help you keep things tidy, so contact us when your project is likely to need some assistance in that area.